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December, 7, 10 Political Science 201: Politics & Power Instructor: Bill Hughes Final Some people think that being free to do as we please and not having to answer or pay any dues to “the MAN” would be the good life and that everything would be so nice and dandy. These people are wrong. We need to have some sort of government to be in charge, because without any authority there would be no order in society and our country as we know it would fall apart and turn to shit. Although we can’t have totally liberty the government still has to give us a just form of freedom because without that we would be slaves to the government and have no purpose in life but to serve the head of the regime. In order to run a society for the people we would have to give everyone the right and opportunity to make what they want of themselves unless of…show more content…
I believe that allowing everyone the same right to build up their own estate and create an enterprise of their own would be the best way to run a great way to make everyone happy and gain the trust of the people. I also believe that people who are incapable of doing so due to things like legitimate mental or physical disabilities and limitations should be supported by the government at least to as much as their health and wellbeing. In order to have this freedom there obviously needs to be a form authority to regulate the actions of the people in the society. There must also be a form of defense to protect the country form an overthrow or attacks by other countries. Because this new government is run for the people and by the people this is what would have to happen. Everyone would come together and come up with a team of officials that each have a different responsibility and roll in governing the

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