What Are The Rhetorical Elements In Swift's Proposal

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1. Swift wants the reader to view the speaker as a reasonable, compassionate, concerned, and reverent man. You can see examples of these characteristics in the first eight paragraphs of the writing. The first paragraph informs the reader of the realistic happening of the families of the beggars. The second paragraph begins to offer judgments about the beggary. He writes the first eight paragraphs in a thorough and logical manner, which is a reason that paragraph 9, appears to be a major anticlimax for the reader. 2. I first recognized that Swift’s proposal was meant to be satiric in paragraph 2. It appears to be satiric because he starts out by saying that the beggars are viewed by everyone as a grievance to the entire kingdom and that “whoever could find out a fair, cheap, and easy method” to make the poor children useful to their…show more content…
The rhetorical purpose of explaining the anticipated results before revealing the actual proposal is to persuade the readers to believe in his proposal by having a good outcome. Also, he wants to have been viewed as a positive character from his audience so that the audience doesn’t become upset when he states his proposal. 5. Swift doesn’t end paragraph 9 after “food” because then that would leave the audience to think about the statement he just made. He deflects the attention from the statement by listing different ways of preparation. Then continues to give reasons why his proposal is credible by giving out more statistics in the next paragraph. 6. Examples of appeals to thrift and patriotism are shown throughout Swift’s writing. An example of appeals to thrift is when he says “Whoever could find out a fair, cheap, and easy method” and is used to show that he is trying to care for his community without harming it in the process. An example of appeals to patriotism is in paragraph 17, when he says “ very worthy person a true lover of his country” and is used to try to build ethos for the person he is about to talk

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