Tragedy To Triumph Analysis

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Counselors as Companion and Ethic of Human Services HN 144 Kaplan University Karlene Harvey Journey of life we are all accustom to face. Submerging from many façade, life enables us to lose focus of our goals. Every one of us has a journey we all have to travel and we learn as our paths unfold. Professionals must be able to walk a journey with clients to feel their struggles in order to facilitate them to light. The counselor in the article from Tragedy to Triumph learned a lot from Steve’s experience with regards to life, path way to death and disability. Steve’s life experience made a contribution and an impact on how to use his personal strength, never to discourage a person with disabilities but always encourage them to reach…show more content…
Steve’s empowerment came mostly from his relationship with the counselor. He knew that someone believed in him and would be there for him. The counselor helped Steve to see that accepting help from others is not a sign of defeat; but also modifying his goals to something he could more adequately achieve helped him not to feel discouraged. The relationship Steve had with his counselor made him more motivated for his journey because he had a support system to help him emerged from the lowest point in life to be triumphant. The ethical issue that I found was went the psychiatrist told Steve that he needs to accept his limitation; I believe that this was inaccurate the way it was said, that was why the counselor clarified it for Steve that she meant that he needs to re-evaluate his goal base on his current condition. As stated by the National Organization of Human Service, statement 29, “Human service professionals promote cooperation among related disciplines (e.g., psychology, counseling, social work, nursing, family and consumer sciences, medicine, and education) to foster professional growth and interests within the various fields’’. I think by working with colleagues in different field and diverse background we can be beneficial to the growth of our
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