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‘The advantages of a codified constitution now outweigh its disadvantages.’ Discuss. (40) The codification of a constitution is the process of setting out a constitution in an organised way in a single document meaning it has a single source. The UK constitution is that of an uncodified nature meaning it has various sources and not all these sources are written down. It is questionable whether a codified constitution is better or worse than an uncodified one and personally I deem an uncodified constitution as more effective than one in written form therefore disagree with the above statement. Firstly, a codified constitution would clarify the nature of the political system to citizens of the state. Most British citizens do not understand the concept of the constitution, nor what the UK constitution entails. It is therefore an argument that having a codified constitution would raise public awareness and support for the government would grow. It would also enable the public and people in government to view the constitution whenever necessary for matters such as court cases, etc. This would encourage public involvement in politics and act as an improvement to our democratic society. If people know their rights and freedoms and understand how the government works it would dissolve the problem of political ignorance and apathy. This argument shows that a codified constitution is of greater benefit than an uncodified constitution because it will lessen political apathy, however, one could argue, how much better of an understanding would the public have of politics if the constitution was codified than if it was uncodified? Our basic rights and freedoms are common knowledge, and our human rights are codified as they are part of the EU which has a written constitution. Manifesto’s for political parties, such as Labour, are also written and campaign projects clearly set out
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