Han China vs Imperial Rome

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Although Han China and Imperial Rome both ruled over large and diverse territories, both had different ways of political control within their empires. The control varies in ways such as their views on society; China having a philosophy of Confucianism and Rome believing in a patron-client relationship. Rome and China differed in who had the right to govern the empires varying from having a single leader to numerous government officials. Both empires used their loyal citizens to their advantage creating the state of free labor. However, even with all the differences, both empires managed to keep their territories protected, organized, and civilized. The political differences amongst Han China and Imperial Rome were based off their ways of life. In China, the idealistic philosophy on how to live was Confucianism; it is what kept order in the hierarchy. People in China followed this, thus keeping everyone doing what they were supposed to and maintaining balance. Because this philosophy was connected with divinity from nature, China managed to maintain stable control politically. However in Rome, their idea or living and viewing society varied slightly. Civilians in Rome believed in having a patron-client relationship. A patron-client relationship was a relationship that established a bond between families and individuals. This bond lead to Roman citizens to be much more supportive of people, and created an organized society. This way of living lead Rome’s government to being more politically strengthened and less centralized. Han China and Imperial Rome differed in their way of selecting political leaders, but both empires had someone in power to watch over their empires. The Mandate of Heaven and divinity from nature applied when choosing the Han China emperor. Throughout the tears, emperors were chosen from heredity genes. Having the future emperors related to the
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