Similarities Between Classical India And China

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There was a rise in the formation of classical civilizations in the world from 100 BCE - 500 CE. A classical civilization is a highly organized civilization that has contributed to our daily lives today in their developments in culture, technology, philosophy, politics, and art. These civilizations create foundations for later civilizations. China and India were both considered to have classical civilizations. India and China were somewhat similar in their economic systems in that trading networks were developed which helped to provide great wealth for each civilization. However, as a result of trade Indian culture will have a much larger impact on the world than does Chinese culture. India and China were also somewhat similar in their…show more content…
India and China are also considered “classical” because of the way they ran society and because that method is still used today. India and China are similar in the fact they both have patriarchal societies in which the male is the predominant figure. In both India and China, the women are inferior to the men. The only role of women is to take care of the home. Women were ranked socially by their husband or fathers rank socially. Men would be the only ones to have a job and have a say in society and politics. Everything in the house would be considered the father’s or the husband’s. Many differences lie within their society though. In China, there will be some social mobility. Citizens would take and educative exam that could make them a government official. This would allow any man in society to be able to rise in society and help run the civilization. This way of running this type of society is derived form the teachings and beliefs of Confucius. In India, however, there was no social mobility due to their religion of Hinduism. In the religion of Hinduism, society was based on the caste system. The caste system allowed the civilization to have a strong society without the need of an over-powerful government. The lack of social mobility is based on the values of the teachings of Hinduism; that one can only be raised in caste if he had good karma. Both of these civilizations…show more content…
India and China are considered “classical” because they both ran their governments the way that we run ours today. China and India are both similar in the fact that they both had more complex and organized governments than did the river valley civilizations. With the addition of all the new land they would control, both civilizations would need to have a complex and organized government to keep the civilization stable. And with all of the new land, there would be an addition of more people to the civilization. So both civilizations had to be organized so that their civilization would always be in control, no matter how large it gets. But there were differences between China and India when it came to how it ran their government. China had a centralized government. A centralized government is a government in which everything revolves around one leader. All cities would report to one location and all of the government officials from those cities would help the leader make the laws. This would assure the leader that all of his government officials would be on the same page as him and knew how he wanted to run his civilization. In India, however, there was a less centralized government. This was due to the fact that they grouped their civilization using the method of regionalism. Regionalism is political grouping that focuses on a particular region or local area. This would

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