The Rosetta Stone: Ancient Egyptian Artifacts

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keneisha young October 4, 2012 Essay Dr. Kathleen Rawls Part 1. Short Answer Questions 1) The Rosetta Stone is an Ancient Egyptian artifact which was instrumental in advancing modern understanding of Egyptian hieroglyphic writing. The artifact allowed people to understand each other in the form of writing. 2) If an ancient Egyptian man said, “Today my mother went west,” He means, his mother died. 3) One way archaeologists date objects they find is by tracing back DNA or mito chondrial DNA. A second way archaeologists date objects they find is going to the location and digging and finding clues. 4) According to Hammurabi’s law code women in his society were the property of their father and when they get married they were…show more content…
Rawls in class. 7) The Aztec God Tlalok (rain god) required sacrifice of children under the age of five. 8) In the study of Harappan civilization, one explanation given by archaeologists to explain their decline is that new buildings and repairs to existing structures lacked attention to quality and detail. Residents began to leave the cities and towns along the Indus and to relocate. 9) Two cities in Mayan are, Chichen Itza and Tula. 10) The ancient Chinese concept of the “mandate of heaven” is similar to the Egyptian cincept of ma’at because both had a responsibility to keep the civilizations balanced by having a well-functioning government. 11) Humans can trade their origin back to one woman from Africa. Her ancestors successfully left Africa and populated our world. 12) According to Diamonds humans settled civilization first emerged in areas that had the most advantageous things, which were plants and animals. 13) A myth is an interpretation of a story of the past that cannot be verified historically but may have deep moral meaning and message. Genesis and Gilgmesh are…show more content…
The first component is the Economic System, it is by which people produce, distribute, and exchange goods. The second component is the Social System, it defines relationships between and among individuals and groups. For example, gender relations and/or class structure. An example of the second component is The Code of Hammurabi. The Code of Hammurabi was based off of gender relations, and/or class structure. The women were basically property because they were women and they had no power. The men that had a lot of money was given more favor. The third component is the Political System, it determines who governs, who makes the laws and who provides community service. An example of this is “Mandate of Heaven.” It is a concept in China: The ruler had moral authority so long as powers granted it to him on the basis of his good character. A well-functioning government was evidence that the ruler possessed the Mandate of Heaven. A poorly functioning government showed that the mandate had passed away (pg. 451 The World’s History). So basically the ruler made the laws and he had to make sure that the civilization was under control by following them laws. The fourth component is A religious or intellectual orientation, which people make sense of the ordinary and extraordinary events of life and history. Example of formal religions; Judsiam, Islam. Example of intellectual orientation;

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