Ideas According to Confucius

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K’ung Fu Tzu was born in 551 BCE and came to be known as Confucius. Teaching at the Chinese school called Ru was what Confucius was known for. Confucius was also the government minister for these schools. Confucius’ work was not appreciated when he was alive and most didn’t like his thinking and philosophies during his living years. After his passing, others began to study his teachings and writings and society realized his work had a lot of meaning. They began to appreciate his views on life. Confucius had a philosophy that the idea of love and compassion are two characteristics of one’s life. Installing and having morals and virtues within a certain society is what Confucius would consider excelling in one’s life. Because of these ideas and thoughts, he stressed on the importance of implementing personal rituals within the society that you live in. These ideas and morals are what we experience today in society; according to Confucius we are given two choices; taking a moral path or taking an immoral path. This stands true today in almost all societies. We can either follow the rules and laws that are set in place or disobey them and go down an immoral path. Confucius talked about five important relationships and how they can mold the moral path for a person. Society would be a better and more stable place if everyone maintained a these relationships. The five relationships that Confucius said needed to be maintained were; father-son, elder bother-younger brother, husband-wife, elder-younger, and ruler-subject (Molly, 2010). Confucius also thought that all relationships in society needed to be maintained at a certain level and the level should be determined by oneself and the person they are in the relationship with. His teachings also told us that in order to maintain your role or status in society the five great relationships must be maintained.

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