Nvq 2 Health and Social Care Supporting Individuals with Learning Disabilities

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OUTCOME 1 UNDERSTAND THE LEGISLATION AND POLICIES THAT SUPPORT THE HUMAN RIGHTS AND INCLUSION OF INDIVIDUALS WITH LEARNING DISABILITIES. 1.1 IDENTIFY LEGISLATION AND POLICIES THAT ARE DESIGNED TO PROMOTE THE HUMAN RIGHTS, INCLUSION, EQUAL LIFE CHANCES AND CITIZENSHIP OF INDIVIDUALS WITH LEARNING DISABILITIES. There are four main acts in this country that cover individuals with disabilities. • Human Rights Act 1998 • Equality Act 2010 • Disability Discrimination Act 2005 • Mental Capacity Act 2005 Plus: • United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 1.2 EXPLAIN HOW THIS LEGISLATION AND POLICIES INFLUENCE THE DAY TO DAY EXPERIENCES OF INDIVIDUALS WITH LEARNING DISABILITIES AND THEIR FAMILY • Human Rights Act - the Equality and Human Rights Commission works to make sure that people are treated fairly and equally. They work to stop discrimination against disabled people, men and women and people from different races and cultures. They also want to make sure peoples human rights are respected. Human rights are about how we treat each other, they are about: respect, freedom, equality, dignity and fairness. Human rights include: The right to life - this means that your life is as important as anyone else’s. The right to respect for private and family life - this means the right to live as a family. The right to dignity and being part of the community - this means you should get the care and support you need to have a good life. You should be able to join in with things in your community along with everyone else. Human rights are to help groups like councils, the police and hospitals protect you by making sure they respect your human rights. For government it means they should protect all of us from groups or individuals who would take away our rights. • Equality Act - equality means everyone having

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