Thoughts From The Tao-Te Ching Analysis

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The Way to Live In his book “Thoughts from the Tao-te Ching,” written in the sixth century B.C., Lao-tzu puts his thoughts down on paper to give a guideline on how to live life from both the government and moral perspective. He touched on various topics such as maintaining a successful government, the trust of peopleand the true value of material possessions. Many considered his the teachings to be the way to enlightenment and it formed the basis for Taoism, which is a religion founded by Chang Tao-Ling. Lao-tzu believed in a simple way of living that would serve the greater good of the people along with keeping the natural order of power. It is said that Lao-tzu wrote the Tao-te as a political guide for those who created the power structure and maintained the order of the land. In doing so he gave advice, rather than setting rules. He believed that the government should play a smaller role in the day to day lives of their citizens. Meaning, instead of watching over every person with an iron fist, allow them to show the natural good in themselves. Lao-tzu was a firm believer that playing a bigger role will ruin the balance of tranquility. He believes that the way to show your true power is not show it at all unless used as a last remedy. A successful government alsoknows when to not use force.Lao-tzu teaches…show more content…
They can be successful by working together as one. As a citizen, be trustworthy and follow your natural instinct of being good person. As a government, don’t be seen as a domination force. Trust the people and leave them alone. If a country is directed intelligently, its natives will be content. If the natives are content, the government doesn’t need to intervene. That allows both parties to enjoy the comforts of home and family. Lao-tzu creates great attitudes by showing respect for mankind and allowing the natural course of life to take center stage over the power of

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