Conformity in Schools

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Conformity in Schools Although many people think schools should be conformed to show who has control, conformity actually just takes away from students individuality as proven by, schools making students dress a certain way, what classes are mandatory, and telling students how to prepare for standardized tests, illustrating that conformity in schools makes students less individualized. Schools making students dress a certain way takes away from their individual expression. Some schools ban kids from wearing any kind of logos/symbols/colors because of gang affiliations. If such rules are so severe, students may take extreme measures to change their look. For example, wearing crazy accessories, hair style, decorating backpacks, etc. then the next step would be for the schools to make a rule about hair styles, no backpacks, and no accessories except normal stud earrings and only one ring on each hand allowed. Schools think that the way students dress distracts others away from learning. In a way I could see how it would but students don’t sit in class and just stare at the kid who has pink hair or some crazy shirt on. Kids notice it at first but they don’t stay locked on that kid the whole time. It’s kind of like, “whoa look at his/her hair/shirt, that’s cool/weird”, then that’s it. Schools shouldn’t make students dress a certain way when they are kids because that’s the only time in life where they have to express themselves. Because when they get older they have to dress in a suit and tie or whatever their job says they need to dress to look professional. Individuality is something that everyone has, that is very special and unique to them, and schools’ having a dress code takes away from that. Mandatory classes are taking away from students individual classes they actually need to take more of for their career major. Some classes that schools make students

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