No To School Uniforms

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No to School Uniforms by Alexis Fitzgerald I don't believe students should be forced to wear school uniforms. Ever since I could pull a shirt over my head, and put socks on my feet, my parents have let me choose my clothes and dress myself as I saw fit. They didn't always approve of my choices of colors and prints. My shirt didn't always match my skirt, and my socks weren't always the same color, as opposed to dressing like I just came out of a beautiful baby magizine. I was an individual. I was free to express myself in this simplest of ways. Equally important, I was able to let my personality and creativity shine through with my choice of clothes and I was proud of it. Forcing some already rebelious students to wear a uniform could make them more rebelious. They would start to change or alter their uniforms in little ways like, pulling them down, shortening the skirts, and adding accessories, such as patches, and pins. In addition ,they may start wearing a lot of bright or goth make-up, or changing the color of their hair to something extreme, such as hot pink. Still another way of rebeling would be with tatoos and body piercings. I think uniforms keep us from developing our personalities, our creativity, and our individuality. No matter how they dress for school, other kids will always find a way to pass judgement and bully each other. For example, kids would tease other kids because the uniform doesn't fit their particular body type and shape. Kids should be able to wear what they chose looks best on their own body. The clothes aren't the cause of bullying, so making kids all dress the same won't stop kids from bullying each other. I believe making students wear school uniforms is taking away their freedom to make choices. Equally important, it takes away and discourages self
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