Conflict In The Workplace Essay

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Conflict in the Workplace Conflict is a natural aspect of team dynamics. When individuals are put together into groups to accomplish collective tasks there are going to be common misunderstandings that take place. Individual team members bring into the team dynamic differing personalities, disagreements, policies, beliefs, and opinions. These conflicts are the primary roadblock to work getting done. Groups many times spend the majority of their time debating over these minor conflicts. These delays caused by conflicts delay productivity; deadlines are not met, and tasks can be left unfinished. Management spends a great deal of time focusing on individual conflicts that arise, and trying to find peaceful resolutions to these conflicts. Conflict can lead to destructive behaviors from group members, and negative belief systems among members. Although conflicts are inevitable when individuals work with others in a group setting, those conflicts can be minimized with proper supervision and channeling of energy. Conflict Management Conflict management or resolution is intended to be used for team growth. It is the process where a leader is able to effectively resolve conflict so that all the parties involved in the disagreement can come to a common understanding and resolution (Nicole Papa, 2011 Demand Media). The overall purpose of conflict management is to minimize the amount of friction between team members so they can stay on task and more readily reach group goals. The issues that cause the conflict are not ignored, but instead the conflicting agents are addressed in a proactive manner that produces a peaceful resolution. When different ideas, thoughts, and beliefs are brought to the table and respectfully presented, the source of conflict can produce effective communication policies and a unified understanding of common goals. Conflicts must be

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