Violence In The Workplace Essay

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Violence in the workplace: a growing problem VERY GOOD As human beings, people live in a society full of changes and demands. Citizens must work in order to support their family, no matter the price this would cost. But, what happens if the workplace you are in is surrounded by violence? In my opinion, violence is a problem that seems to have no end. REGULAR Firstly, violence could be connected to the difficult society we live in. Moreover, every day a new episode is to be heard about incidents in certain places. For instance, incidents at schools are something people are frequently WIDE aware of frequently. Teachers and authorities do not know what else to do to in order to stop this growing problem. They assure that ‘things are too soft’, and that discipline has broken out. What is more, given the fact that children and adolescents are more difficult to handle as years go by, it is almost impossible for the heads of these establishments to stand this situation. VERY GOOD Secondly, the dissatisfaction some people may experience due to the conditions under which they work is another factor that may lead to madness. Dwellers that are not happy with their job can easily have a not very adequate reaction. For example, some people that have public work may always have arguments with citizens or colleagues without a clear reason. Besides, sometimes authorities do not face the problems or necessities some workers have. - GOOD To round off, violence in the workplace is a problem that every day develops without fear every day. The society the community live in and the dissatisfaction some people may have with their job are some factors involved. Unfortunately, is seems to have no end, even though human beings should try to get on well with the world they live in. suitableadjective [pic][pic]/ˈsj uː.tə.bl ̩/[pic]/ˈsuː.t

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