Good Boss Versus Bad Boss

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There is an old saying “it not what you say but how you say it”that is a very true statement and in all phases in our lives personal,professional,young or old have all experience when someone has said something just has been said that has had a lasting impression could have be negative or positive on your life. Most of us spend more time at the workplace then at home in lot of cases,Having a boss that has poor communication skills can create a hostile workplace and wreak total havoc I a workplace,but on the hand good communication skills fro a boss can create a positive and calm workplace. Communication skills are huge in our daily life not just personal but in the workplace,must of spend more time with our co worker then we do with our families. Because we do spend a lot of time together in the workplace communication skills are a must. Good communication skills can be a be that kind word spoke to fellow co worker that is having a terrible day or it or it may that kind spoke to a worker that has self esteem issues or it just might be that motivating word that may make that employee may want to move to that next level within the company. A kind word or having and mentoring spirit with words creates such a positive environment. Communications skills can create the opposite such as;Unkind words can break a person to the down. Bad communication skills create total chaos in a workplace it has people afraid to ask for help when needed,a total moral buster,no team players,not wanting to go that extra mile for one another and just plan not coming to work to have to deal with that boss who has issues. When the communication skills are bad it just radiates within a place it is has create attendance problems,poor productivity,and just negative vibes everywhere from the time you pull in the parking lot makes that yo day feel like it last forever. The

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