Do We Live To Work Or Work To Live

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Do we live to work or work to live? Long work hours mean people spend less time with their friends and partners, and less quiet time alone. Travel plans go down the tube (терпеть крах), study ambitions go unfulfilled and dreams of fitness dissolve. Yet there are also problems with mental health and the physical problems that can be brought by stress. People who work most of their time tend to feel irritable, anxious and some even have such serious mental health problems as attempted suicide. In some cases overwork can lead to relationship and marriage breakdown, loss of friendship, poor relationships with children. But why do we put ourselves through it? A large share of the blame falls on employers who foster (способствуют) a long-hours work culture and overload their staff. But there is an answer - employers should adopt more flexible working arrangements.' With today's technology, employers should allow people to work partly from home, and adopt hours suited to both work and family life. Many businesses are wising up ( приходят к ) to the fact that overloaded workers cost them money. They are not very effective. But we need to wise up, too. We also need to start saying no to extra work. If we are not ready to do that, we will be forced to say no to such important things in life as family, our hobbies, sports, health and little everyday pleasures as reading the favouritw book before going to sleep. Getting the balance right is largely about organization. You need to decide what you want to achieve in the week ahead, figure out what you have to do to achieve it – then DO it. It's also about getting rid of clutter (беспорядок) . Empty your email inbox, ' And get the filing done so you don't feel guilty or overwhelmed by a paper mountain on your desk. it's also useful to consider what motivates us to work long hours. For example, someone
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