9/11 Terrorism Scenarios

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rtyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmqwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmqwertyuiopa | A political event regarding police officers was an event held in west Los Angeles at the Iman cultural center. The event was about how terrorism concerns have shaped the local policing in the decade since 9/11. As far as the politics within the organization that may have been of concern, was the funding for the training. In the meeting they discussed the need for monitoring the extremist chat rooms, the study of tactics and weaponry of Taliban and Iraqi insurgents, and also leadership and the budget for undercover work. There are a lot of stressor behind this because some of the police officer involved in the event have had family members die in 9/11 that is why the training…show more content…
Some of the current sources of stress for the criminal justice professional are, long hours and not enough family time with loved ones. I do believe that the agencies provide adequate assistance with managing occupational stressors; they are just not explored and used enough by the individuals that need them. I believe the politics of corruption exists within the field of criminal justice. I say that because it seems that if you are wealthy strings can be pulled for you and u can afford the best lawyers, and u could be guilty but you will get off because you or your family are well off. On the other hand there that middle class of poor that knows nothing about the system or doesn’t have the resources to get a good lawyer they are screwed completely ruin your life and affecting some people around you. Several contemporary concerns impacting criminal justice professionals are, stress, finances, the economy, their family and friends, health and job security. I say stress because so many things can stress a person out this line of work. It can be the hours of the job, the clients, the court cases, etc. Finances can be a major worry especially if your budget is tight and so is your money. The economy seems to trying to improve but every day you see someone losing their job or a company closing so know u are worried about your job security, which also causes more stress. In the end result your
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