To Kill A Mockingbird Loss Of Innocence Essay

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Drugs, pregnancy, and rebellion are all signs of a person’s loss of innocence, and bad parenting. However, people react differently to the loss of their innocence, and with good parenting, children can grow in a positive way that influences our world. In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird Jem, Dill, and Scout mature as they watch Maycomb commit the “sin” of killing a mockingbird. Yet, because of the children’s knowledge and past experiences each of them reacts and matures differently to the situation they encounter. Over the course of the novel, Jem’s concern for other innocent creatures changes dramatically. In the first few chapters, Jem shows his selfishness and naïve view of life by stating that a turtle would come out by striking a match under him. However, after witnessing the prejudice in the Tom Robinson case, Jem understands the pain that comes from the power of hate. From then on, Jem is protective of every innocent creature. This is shown as he tells Scout that the reason she shouldn’t squash the Rolly Polly was because “They didn’t bother you.” (pg. 238). This alone does not satisfy Jem. Instead he questions the justice system with his father. Even with the prefudice Jem still can’t understand why the infallible battle Atticus led failed. Instead of finding…show more content…
However, children lose their innocence every day as they grow older. In today’s society many children lose their innocence and do not grow up in a strong, courageous manner. Instead they become pressured with the media and have a difficult time just trying to fit in. Judging from we have seen from Jem, Dill, and Scout, it is obvious that peer pressure is not the only kind of issues that we face in this world today. People still lie about who they are and prejudice is also very exsistent. Yet, unlike Dill, every child deserves the right to grow in a positive way that influences our
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