Team Building For Conflict Resolution Essay

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Team Building for Conflict Resolution Team Building for Conflict Resolution Conflict is a major issue within any organization, particularly among groups. Almost all groups experience some type of conflict. Contrasting leadership styles and a wide range of personalities make it almost impossible to completely avoid conflict. Tuckman’s 5 stages of group development show us that a group cannot perform efficiently until group conflict has been resolved. In an organizational setting, it is important to resolve group conflict as quickly as possible so that the groups work can truly begin. This leads many organizations to implement team building exercises as a means of conflict resolution. There are several types of team building exercises some are designed to help members discover commonalities and others that focus on improving communication. Implementing various types of team building exercises can help an organization to resolve conflict among groups. There are many reasons for conflict among groups. While a group has decided advantages over an individual, namely a diversity of resources, ideas, and knowledge; this diversity can also lead to conflict. When a team comes together there are likely to be differences in values, opinions, attitudes, social factors, and ideas of power. These differences all contribute to the formation of conflict. According to Tuckman’s stages of group development, most groups go through a stage of storming in which conflict arises and efficient work cannot be done. This stage can be lengthy if resolutions to the group’s conflict cannot be found. “Many groups stall in [the storming stage] because power politics erupts into open rebellion” (Kinicki & Kreitner, 2009, p. 227). The differences among team members can reduce the effectiveness of the team, however if the conflicts are properly dealt with the team can continue on

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