Comparing George And Simon's Development

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The foundations of development begin at the very moment of conception and continue through a child’s life. This essay will explore two very different possible developmental pathways of two young boys - George and Simon- who have ADHD and living in two completely different socio-economical worlds. Their contrasting developmental journeys will be examined through different theoretical lenses to hopefully explain the complex differences between the two boys. First I will investigate the disorder through a biological lens and how it is derived genetically. The developmental pathways for each boy will then be examined and explained differently with consideration to the environmental factors that can possibly affect the boys’ development differently…show more content…
In order to fully understand George and Simon’s development we must take into consideration the various layers of Bronfenbrenner’s model, which include the microsystem, mesosystem, exosystem, and macrosystem. These sub sections in the model have varying influences on each child and their development. I will begin by taking a look at the microsystem in relation to both children. Aspects of the microsystem include early education (school), community learning and involvement, and family (all proximal factors) (Bronfenbrenner, 1994, pp. 39). When considering family structure George has a fully functional family, while Simon does not. The issue that Simon lives with a single parent in a poor community makes it less likely for him to gain the experiences he needs for vital leaning and thus hinders his development (Cornell University, 2004, pp. 3). On the other hand, the fact that George, lives in an affluent neighborhood with a fully functional family, will increase his chances of fostering his individual growth and development. Secondly the mesosystem must be taken into consideration. Applications of the mesosystem in the boys’ case include the interaction between teachers and parents, and the effects this has on decision-making (Bronfenbrenner, 1994, pp. 40). For the most part both children’s development is fostered here. It seems that both Simon and George’s parents are in communication with their educators and they are involving in some decision-making (George’s parents more so then Simon’s). This communication will insure both Simon and George are on a positive developmental path. Urie Bronfenbrenner concludes, “A child’s development is determined by what he/ she experiences in the settings he/ she spends time in and that the most important setting for a young child is his/her family, because this is where he/ she will spend most of

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