American Life League Swot Analysis

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| ALL: American Life League | | | | | The American Life League (ALL) is one of the largest pro-life organizations in the United States. The organization opposes abortion under any circumstance, all forms of contraception, embryonic stem cell research, and euthanasia. Its current president is co-founder Judie Brown and its headquarters are in Stafford, Virginia. | TABLE OF CONTENTS CLIENT OVERVIEW 3 Introduction 3 Marketing Mix 3 Finances 5 Relationships 8 ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT 12 TARGET MARKET 15 Populations Served By The Organization 15 Potential Donors and Volunteers 15 SWOT ANALYSIS 16 Strengths 16 Weaknesses 17 Opportunities 18 Threats 19 OBJECTIVES 20 INTERNET STRATEGY 21…show more content…
For one, American Life League usually is tax exempt. They can offer products at a discount since they don't have the expense of taxes, and sometimes they can offer products to buyers who pay no sales tax on the purchase. American Life League often has a volunteer staff in many roles artists, canvassers, attorneys. Volunteers can mean an enormous savings to the business, which is particularly important to a small nonprofit. The board of directors must by law be composed of volunteers, which can be an advantage to the company. These are also internal factors that have helped the organization be successful that it will want to leverage and grow. Asset leverage; Loyal customers; Market share leadership; Diversified products. They are all the strengths of the ALL. Asset leverage allows ALL to use their best operational assets to expand their business and improve their market share. Customers are absolutely fundamental to the success of a business. A business without customers is not a proper business I think. Whether you are starting out or have are long established, a lot of time and money is spent trying to gain new customers. It is important to remember that a loyal customer can be just as valuable than new one. This is because you do not have to spend as much time and money marketing to them because they already know what you offer them. And it goes beyond just having customers that are satisfied, you need to have customers that are loyal. Loyal customers tend to buy more and more importantly they talk more which means a whole load of free word of mouth advertising for your business or company. Therefore building a highly loyal customer base should be the foundation of your basic business strategy. ALL has a group of loyal customers. And it is the most important

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