African American Entrepreneur Analysis

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In the video we watched called Black Excellence: The Entrepreneurs we were introduced to ideas about what entrepreneurship was and how it has developed in the current business environment. Then we were told about the successful careers of African American entrepreneurs such as Jimmy Raid, Oprah Winfrey, and Joshua Smith. These four people talked about characteristics and qualities that they themselves possess and that they believe are necessary for any entrepreneur to possess. Each one of these people discussed how these qualities played important roles in their successful businesses and in their lives. From these three entrepreneurs, I learned about these characteristics and how they apply to entrepreneurship today, as well as how well…show more content…
In the video, Ms. Winfrey discussed the ideas of not only acting like a nice person, but actually being nice to others. She also talked about hard work and as well as believing in yourself. She said that actually being a nice person to people that you are around allows you to easily work with others around you in order to obtain the things you need and to create a good perception of yourself. It’s important for others to know of your nice spirit because it reflects well upon you and makes it easier for you to get things done. Hard work goes along with dedication and sticking to your plan in order for you to eventually achieve success. Ms. Winfrey also stressed the idea of believe in yourself a lot. This was a quality she found to be very important because when you believe in yourself you can achieve a lot more. It goes along with having confidence and allowing yourself to believe that you can be successful and that your ideas are good and…show more content…
In the video, Mr. Smith discussed some of his role models and the impact that those people have played in his success. Having role models is important to any entrepreneur because it gives you a kind of base to start your success. He also talked outlined four steps to success: 1) being honest, 2) meeting commitments, 3) not being afraid of failure, and 4) believing that you will win. A lot of these steps are similar to the characteristics that were discussed by the other entrepreneurs in the video. I think bring able to meeting commitments, however, is one of the most important characteristics to have because it deals a lot with how other people will see you and how reliable they think you are. This is important because judgment from other people is a big factor of your success since other people have to like your ideas in order for you to be successful. Because a lot of these characteristics are similar between the three different entrepreneurs, it just goes to show you how important they are because many successful people all possess these

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