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Sandwich Blitz, Inc. MT140: Introduction to Management Prof: Jessica Hoover July 22, 2013 The first question is what is SWOT? SWOT stands for strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats. It is important to a company to develop a SWOT because to be successful they must first analyze their external factors that will influence and impact their business and finally once the SWOT is complete they can develop strategies to capitalize on their strengths, improve their weakness, recognize and act on opportunities, and accept and reduce the effects of treats. In this assignment we will discuss SWOT of Sandwich Blitz, Inc. Blitz is a small specialty shop chain owned by Dalman and Lei. The strength of Lei and Dalman committing to a large scale expansion of the company is the fact they have a strong business plan in place that is showing success. By opening a chain outside of their current city this would allow Blitz to appeal to a wider range of customers. Expanding within the same area this may cause a cut in the amount of customers that visit other established shops but they still missing out on money that could be earn by spreading their wings more. A weakness of Blitz committing to a large scale expansion is the fact that their current business plan seems to be working just fine because they have made their first link of chain the training camp for their new hires. With a larger expansion this training set up may not be possible for their new hire which could mean some new hires do not get that quality training as they would if they had been trained by the first link. I believe that one of the essential in making this chain so successful is the quality of training each hire received that allows then to be empowered to satisfy each customer. From the opportunity stand point Dalman and Lei committing to a large scale expansion is that they would

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