Mkt 421 Marketing Plan Final Paper

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Marketing Plan: Final Paper and Presentation MKT/421 April 1, 2013 Marketing Plan: Final Paper and Presentation Every company who introduces a new product or service must have a marketing plan or strategy to sell and convince consumers to buy the product or service. According to Miller, “Your marketing strategy needs to be clearly defined. It's your plan of action for achieving each of your goals” (Miller, 2013, para. 3). The company’s marketing plan is a blueprint for the strategies, tactics, activities, costs involved, and the projected results over a given period. There are three phases to Starbucks marketing plan. Phase one of Starbucks marketing plan will allow the company a structured way to achieve its objectives and a path for the company to follow to ensure the products are a success. The marketing plan will include a SWOTT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats, and…show more content…
Without customers, there is no business or sales. Without sales, there is no reason to create new products or services. These are just a few reasons marketing is an important factor in the success of a business. Marketing is the process that a company performs to get the word “out” about new products and services. Notifying potential customers through advertising and promotional sales provides current sales of products and increases the future success rate for the company. Marketing not only attracts potential customers into the business, but it also is the building blocks for creating a good reputation. Starbucks successfully has created good relationships and a strong reputation with their customers because of their marketing strategies. Their marketing strategies have also allowed them to remain at the top of their competition in the coffee industry and gave them the opportunity to continue to create new products for their

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