Nordstrom Case Analysis

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Nordstrom’s Case Analysis Companies are everywhere. Competition in a global business world are in left and right scenarios. So companies must find the right ingredient for them to be successful. Creating loyal customers is at the heart of every business. Improving efficiency in connecting to customers, building customer satisfaction, customer value and loyalty leads to improved and better business results. Marketing experts Don Peppers and Martha Rogers say, “The only value your company will ever create is the value that comes from customers—the ones you have now and the ones you will have in the future. Businesses succeed by getting, keeping, and growing customers. Customers are the only reason you build factories, hire employees, schedule meetings, lay fiber-optic lines, or engage in any business activity. Without customers, you don’t have a business.” Companies must establish and maintain a high customer value for their products and services because consumers use customer value to make buying decisions. You make buying decisions in day-to-day life experiences. For example in buying for a bottled water drink. Should you buy the wilkins worth P15 or the evian water worth P65? In every buying decision, a consumer asks the same question: 'is what I am going to receive worth what I have to give up in order to get it?' The gain the consumer receives for the benefit is weighed against the cost the consumer must pay to acquire the benefit. The value the individual consumer places on a product or service becomes the customer value for that offering. This customer value is weighed against the customer values assigned for similar products and services that would provide a similar benefit. Consumers will typically purchase the item with the highest customer value among all offerings in the marketplace. When you are deciding where to go for lunch, for example, do you
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