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Comparing and Contrsting My Two Favorite Restaurants Essay

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  • on May 1, 2013
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Comparison and Contrasting of My two Favorite Restaurants
Apple Bees is mainly a dined in restaurant with great hospitality while you dine in or McDonalds where you can take out or go thru a drive thru from my experiences. Before I decide which restaurant to dine at I do a full comparison and contrast between the taste, services, and the costs are considered. For me, choosing a restaurant becomes easy when you look at the differences, whether good or bad, that exists between them.
To me, if you choose a restaurant that always has wonderful tasting foods, it would be easier to choose your favorite restaurant! McDonalds’ tastes like a simple meal that you can make at home. Their foods have a great taste, especially their french fries. My mouth waters whenever I order their seasonal Strawberry Cream Pies. They both carry a wide selection of prepared dishes like burgers and fries. On the other hand, at Apple Bees, your dinner always come out chef prepared and fresh too. My favorite combo at Apple Bees is their Quesadilla Burgers. Yet, McDonalds’ food isn’t prepared by a chef but a cook, but it is also hot too. On the contrary, McDonalds offer their customers combination orders, i.e. Combo #1: A Big Mac, Medium Fries and a Drink. Similarly the combos at both restaurants are always hot and served well served with toppings. In the same way, both restaurants offer their customers a common selection of drinks and milkshakes. Delicious, freshly prepared food is a must whenever I eat at a restaurant with my friends and/or family.
Service is something that I value mostly whenever I go out to eat at a restaurant. The service at Apple Bees is divine; it’s like cheetah running speed! Wherever I go to McDonalds it could be sort of slow, you sometimes have to wait in a long line to order and then wait in another line for your meal to be prepared. The servers at Apple Bees are very friendly and keep your drinks refilled without telling them and some also try to carry on a nice...

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