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17:23;14 – 17:39;06 Joe I’m Joe Grimm I’m co author with Kathryn Young of Coney Detroit. In my day job I’m a professor at the Michigan State University school of journalism. Kathryn works at the Detroit Free Press as a business reporter. 17:48;18 – 18:59;01 Joe It clearly is. Detroit and Michigan. Detroit and Flint and Port Huron and Jackson. Michigan in general clearly the center of the Coney universe. We have more Coney dogs and Coney Island restaurants than any other place in the world. The next biggest place might be the Houston area where there is a chain of 21 Coney Islands. Michigan all by itself has 3 chains that are all bigger than the chain in Houston. We’re inside Leo’s Coney Island, which is part of the biggest…show more content…
A lot of people loved their local Coney’s and they don’t know that there’s more than one kind of Coney Island in the Detroit area. A classic Coney, oh its delicious, it’s a steamed bun and the buns in many of these places are made by metropolitan bakery, which supplies its Coney steamers to lots of Coney Islands. The bun must be steamed that is so good and then you take a hotdog, it’s a beef and pork hotdog with a natural casing on it so that when you bite it it snaps. You grill that, you don’t boil it, you could boil and grill it as some people do, but it’s grilled and then this is very important, on top of that we put a bean less chili, its an all meat chili sauce and then onions that are diced or minced, they can be Spanish or Bedalia, but they tend to be a white onion and then ordinary garden variety yellow mustard and that’s your Coney in Detroit. If you go to Flint and Jackson you’ll get a Coney dog that is it’s same kind of bun same kind of hot dog, but the chili’s different, its really called a meat topping, it’s not called a chili sauce. It’s drier, it’s not as runny, some people in Flint look derisively at the Detroit style and say “oh that’s mostly just gravy”, they like a meatier, drier topping on their Coney dogs. One of the main ingredients in that is beef heart, a lot of people don’t know that, that’s one of the ingredients there. Then if you go to farther out Michigan, if you go for example to Saginaw and Bay City you’ll find Coney dogs that…show more content…
I found Coney Island’s in gas stations, in free standing buildings, in strip malls. This one is attached to the Marriott hotel. This is a Coney Island artist, Joe Gold who goes into Coney Island and paints the people working there and what’s going on in the Coney. This is a wonderful place, I’ve eaten here a couple of times. This is in Kalamazoo, they claim to go back to about 1919 and they do the Coney’s right in the window as you would like to see and the buns are nice and steamy. Now you see they use it’s the kind of a purple onion, but it’s a wonderful Coney Island. This is a Port Huron chain, kind of interesting in that they have three restaurants and they serve their Coney’s over the top, which means they do a Detroit style sauce. They use a skinless hotdog, which is a little bit different, but they put the chili sauce over the mustard and onions, they put it on top. I was in one of their places, their downtown locations, I said “can I just have one the normal way” and they told me I couldn’t. I think they were going to call a cop. But they put the chili on top. We think its to hold everything together. We did talk to another fellow who puts the mustard under the hotdog because he doesn’t want it to interfere with the taste of his chili, which he says is superior. This is Traverse City’s House of Dogs. This fellow moved up from Grand Rapids and he does all these, he’s renamed a lot of our favorites, but you can still find

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