Front Porch Cafe Compare And Contrast Essay

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The Front Porch Café and The Cuevas Bistro From a succulent fresh flounder to a mouth-watering tuna filet, everyone loves some type of seafood. The residents of Pass Christian are lucky to have plentiful restaurants specializing in seafood. Many town locals consider the Front Porch Cafe and the Cuevas Bistro to be the best, but when it comes down to it, the Front Porch Café cannot be beat. Although they both serve wonderful, fresh seafood, the differences in the menu, the service, and the overall atmosphere set them apart from one another. The Front Porch Café serves such a wide variety of seafood that eating everything on the menu can be nearly impossible. Each dish has its own unique touch that makes it memorable and awe-inspiring. What makes the experience so wonderful can be solely due to the extremely professional, kind-hearted employees that fill the restaurant…show more content…
Of course, each place serves them with their own special touch, but it all turns out indulgingly delicious. Furthermore, both restaurants have equally priced dishes, which is incredibly low compared to the amount of food on each plate. Even the same type of complimentary peppermint comes with the check at both locations. Each restaurant carries its own unique properties, but they also serve the same range of customers that enjoy each visit. Although The Front Porch Café and Cuevas Bistro are local favorites, the Front Porch Café turns out to be on top because of its wide variety of entrees, professionally trained staff, and soothing environment. In their menu, service, and atmosphere, both restaurants could not be more different but can be enjoyed all the same. As both of these amazing restaurants continue to serve new and regular customers, there can be nothing less than the great satisfaction of indulging in “out-of-this-world” seafood

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