Restaurant Evaluation Essay

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Its hard to find a restaurant that anyone can enjoy. Claim Jumper has great food, a friendly staff, and a comfortable relaxed ambiance. It is a family friendly, casual, dinner and lunch restaurant with a rustic feel that is a nice change from the normal, predictable décor that other restaurants have. From the minute you walk in you are greeted by a friendly, welcoming host and are promptly seated. The food there is delicious and is served in very large portions that are sure to fill anyone up. When it comes to pricing, the cost is very reasonable in relation to how much food you get and what good quality everything is. Claim jumper is located right off the freeway, a convenient spot that is also near many good stores and the mall. When it comes to the atmosphere of the restaurant, Claim Jumper is very warm, open and inviting. As soon as you walk in they grab your attention with a large windowed area where you can watch the chefs prepare and cook the food which, subsequently, shows that they are proud of the food they serve, the quality of the food, and the way that they prepare it. The semblance of the restaurant is a rustic, old western saloon style with furniture made of logs and rich fabrics, old fashioned coin machines, and to add an interesting and quirky touch, there are some animal busts hanging from the walls. They have a very interesting pulley fan system that is running throughout the restaurant, all of which is completely connected. To add some color and brightness to place they have a few decorative lamps that are from tiffany co. Overall, the lighting in the restaurant is pretty dim which makes it more of a relaxed and comfortable setting and the seats are extremely comfortable due to the nice cozy cushions. All of the booths are a little more private and seem more secluded and personal than other restaurants which gives it a more intimate feel,

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