Compare and Contrast Unhealthy and Healthy Ways of Losing Weight

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Obesity is known to be the plague of the 21st century in the United States of America. It affects all age groups from childhood to adulthood. Due to the obesity epidemic in the country, there are countless programs, pills, and diet plans that are marketed every day to the American public advertising weight loss. Although these ads are persuasive, they are not a healthy way to shed the pounds desired. The most effective and sufficient, the most beneficial way to lose excess pounds is to maintain a balanced diet and exercise regularly. A number of weight loss supplements have tactics to convince you to purchase their product. A commonly used method to attract buyers is to campaign with a celebrity that has supposedly found success with it. Kim and Khloe Kardashian have advertised for weight loss pills such as QuickTrim. Potential buyers see the slim and curvy bodies they acquire, and find the product attractive. This product claims to burn fat and promote weight loss. Although it may seem like it is a positive outcome for the big named figures and the possible consumers, there are a number of side effects. Side effects that have been reported with taking QuickTrim are nausea, dizziness, and diarrhea. There are also other advertised products to promote losing weight such as SlimQuick and Lipozene. SlimQuick and Lipozene also claim to burn fat more effectively and also have reported side effects such as these. Another unhealthy way people are developing eating disorders and crash dieting. Crash dieting consists of eating very little or only certain types of foods. For example, a “no carb” or “sugar-free” diet is a crash diet. These methods may give you results in losing weight, but it is not a healthy alternative to shed the pounds. This can come along with many side effects and bodily harm. Carbohydrates are needed to sustain a healthy body

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