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(Title Page) East Coast Hip Hop versus West Coast Hip Hop By For: September 18th, 2009 Thesis Statement: East Coast and West Coast share similarities but are still completely different in so many ways. I. Two most popular Hip Hop Rivalry A. Tupac Shakur B. Notorious B.I.G II. The Difference between East and West A. Style B. People III. The Outcome of the Rivalry A. East B. West Everyone is unique in there own way; yet there are always characteristics that either mirror each other or deviate. The West coast is very different, one-of-a kind, different type of flow or as others say sound. The East coast is also different in there sound an there style. Probably the most famous rivalry was in the…show more content…
Tupac was the biggest Hip Hop icon of the West Coast, he was shot in 1994 but was not killed he then later came to find out that his so called friends Biggie had knew about the shooting and had something to do with it. This then started the famous battle of the East vs. West in the hip hop society. Tupac then in the years to come would make tons of songs that would diss Biggie and of course Biggie would not just take it so he would try and come back at him. Between the two big icon’s Biggie being the icon for the East and Tupac being the icon of the West, they would start a huge war in the hip hop society and cause a lot of hatred. The East rappers and fans hated the West an the West rappers and fans hated the East. Biggie was signed to a record label company called Bad Boy Records which was owned by Puff Daddy who was really great friends with Biggie. After beginning this war between the East and West every single rap from that day in that time period would have nothing nice to say about any other rapper that wasn’t from the same place they were…show more content…
Most people believe that Biggie had a lot to do with it but the murder still remains unsolved until this day. March 9th 1997 Notorious B.I.G was shot and killed when he decided to leave his own East Coast to go to the West Coast in California where Tupac ran things. Biggies murder also remains unsolved but most believe it was retaliation and Tupac’s gang members where just waiting for the right time to get back at Biggie. Soon after the death of Tupac Shakur the record label company he was signed to folded as Tupac’s mother Afeni Shakur sued them for cheating Tupac out of millions of dollars. Bad Boy Records still lives on today as one of the most popular record labels around, although the violence and rivalry still goes on today people look back on what happened between Tupac and Biggie and try to keep the hip hop scene clean but there will always be that hatred toward the other for killing there icon. Work Cited Page Wikipedia east coast west coast - - Last updated September 4th 2009 Knowledge Rush- - Author Knowledge rush Global Oneness- - last updated September 10th

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