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What has music gave to us Music throughout the years has shown many things. From the 20’s to about the late 40’s or 50’s music was very patriotic and mostly about America. From the 40’s all the way up to today there was jazz, the jazz era was from the early 30’s to the late 50’s. Then from the 60’s to today there was rock and roll and also hip hop. Music has showed and changed a lot throughout all these years. In the 20’s to about the late 30’s it was all about patriotic and instrumental music. George Gershwin a famous American composer wrote the piece An American In Paris. The song was about an American tourist that went to Paris and how he got along there. Another famous composer was Irving Berlin, he wrote the piece God Bless America.…show more content…
Bill Haley was one of Americas first rock stars, next came the king A.K.A Elvis Presley, he was an actor and an amazing singer. The 60’s had four main types of music first was the British invasion, second mo town, third psychedelic rock, and finally protest music.all these types of music were featured at the world famous Woodstock. Woodstock was a concert that took place at a farm in New York. Over 500,000 people attended this massive concert. The crowds were amazing but the performers were even more so, from the Jefferson’s plane to the one and only Jimi Hendrix. After Woodstock the rise of hip hop began. There were many rappers that did a lot of protest music like public enemy and the song fight the power. The song was about how blacks in America were treated badly and they wanted change. The two biggest names in hip hop by far are Tupac Shakur and The notorious B.I.G. these two were the most amazing rappers that have ever picked up a mic. They would tell stories and rap about thug life and how life is on the streets. That things were hard and they had to struggle to survive. Music has so many things to offer and tell

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