Gender Politics In Hip Hop

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Stephanie Nikolopoulos April 10, 2001 Sociology of Popular Music Dipa Basu Gender Politics in Hip Hop: An Analysis of Today’s Music Based on Tricia Rose’s Crtiques Black Noise: Rap Music and Black Culture in Contemporary America by Tricia Rose is the hip hop fan’s bible, and deserves 8 stars. The book, about 185 pages, covers everything from the inspiration of black music to its production. Rose focuses on black marginality in such a way as to not necessarily victimize blacks, but rather to note that their oppression has caused them to create a form of popular culture that is emulated by whites; therefore, something positive is born out of something negative. However, much of this outside fascination with rap is predicated…show more content…
(179) Rose makes a good point when she says that had he beaten up the white business man, he could have waved good-bye to his career. His attack attracted media coverage that perpetuated the notion that black men are aggressively uncouth, but at least, in the eyes of the some, he was only hurting his own race. Written in 1994, Black Noise does not dissect that since the 1991 beating, which caused Barnes to file a multimillion dollar lawsuit that has taken an extremely long time to settle (itself an interesting point), Dr. Dre has gone on to tag team a song with Eminem that references the incident. “Guilty Conscience” off the Slim Shady LP features Dr. Dre as the conscience and Eminem as the devil on the shoulder as a series of scenarios play out. At the end of the song, a man named Grady finds his wife in bed with another man, and the following takes place: [Eminem] Okay! Thought about it, still wanna stab…show more content…
She sings in “Roxanne’s Revenge”: “Like corn on the cob you’re always trying to rob / You need to be out there lookin’ for a job.” More recently, dancehall slack artist Lady Saw sang “Answer to Shaggy.” In response to “It Wasn’t Me,” a song in which one man tells a man who has been caught cheating to deny the accusations, Lady Saw takes the role of the woman being cheated on, and

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