Compare And Contrast Tang And Song Dynasties

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Commerce and Culture -A network of exchange and communication extending all across the Afro-Eurasian world, and separately in parts of the Americas as well, slowly came into being. Traders often became a distinct social group, viewed with suspicion by others because of their impulse to accumulate wealth without actually producing anything themselves. Trade became a means of social mobility, Chinese merchants were able to purchase landed estates and established themselves within the gentry’s class. Long distance trade also enabled elite groups in society to distinguish themselves from commoners by acquiring prestigious goods from a distance Political life also was sometimes transformed by trade. The wealth available from controlling and…show more content…
Particularly during the Song dynasty, an explosion of scholarship gave rise to Neo-Confucianism-an effort to revive Confucian thinking while incorporating into it some of the insights of Buddhism and Daoism. Politically the Tang and Song dynasties built a state structure that endured for a thousand year. Six major ministries -personnel, finance, rites, army, justice, and public works-were accompanies by the Censorate, an agency that exercised surveillance over the rest of the government, checking on the character and competence of public officials. To staff this bureaucracy, the examination system was revived and made more elaborate, encouraged by the ability to print books for the first time in world history. At first to prevent cheating on the exams included searching candidates entering the examinations whole and placing numbers rather than names on their papers. Schools and college prepared candidates the rigorous exams, which became a central feature of upper class life. Tang dynasty the best ordered state in the world. Underlying these cultural and political achievements was an “economic revolution” that made Song dynasty China “by far the richest must skilled and must populous country on
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