Golden Age Of China

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Hand- out 1 Chapter 4- Lesson 1 Golden Age of China Vocabulary: Silk Road: A chain of trade routes stretching from China to the Mediterranean sea. Dynasty: A series of rulers from the same family. Tang: A dynasty that ruled China for almost 300 years. Song: A dynasty that ruled China after the Tang. Merit system: A system of hiring people based on their abilities. Grand Canal: A waterway that linked the Haung and Chang rivers. It joined northern and southern China. Confucius: An ancient Chinese thinker. Mongols: Nomads and fierce warriors from Central Asia north of China. Lesson Notes: Tang dynasty brought a golden age of politics and culture, and China grew in area and population. Their ruler (Tang) achievements: 1. He used Confucius’s ideas to change the government and hired officials trained on that idea. 2. He gave more lands to peasants. The Song dynasty achievements: 1. They created the first Chinese landscape. 2. They prized art objects made of porcelain. 3. They invented a new way of printing books. As a result, books became less expensive, more people could afford them, more people learned to read and write, and helped to spread knowledge throughout China. The Mongols: They conquered all of China within 20 years. They didn’t let the old Chinese ruling class in government and kept their own language and customs. Kublai Khan, the Mongol’s leader used to welcome visitors from all over the world , one of them was Marco Polo who wrote about what he saw in Khan’s court, which caused trade between Europe and China to grow. Mongol rule in China came to an and when Chinese peasants led an uprising against the

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