Civilization of Mauryan Dynasty and China

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Beringea was a land bridge reaching from Siberia to Alaska but is now covered by the Bering Sea. Beringea is a significant part of history because it came about during the Ice Ages. The ocean level declined and the ancient Beringea land-mass emerged to form a land bridge stretching 600 miles from north to south between Siberia and North America. Neolithic were a part of “New Stone Age” because they practiced agriculture unlike their predecessors. This was a means of supporting one another. They also domesticated animals and planted crops which is significant to our way of living today Mesopotamia is one of the first complex societies in the world with tens of thousands of people with different occupations. Social stratification was also in place. Farming year round they used more durable tools unlike those used by Neolithic farmers. Although archaeologists are unsure of who invented the wheel, it appeared during Mesopotamian times. The wheel a very significant place in history. Without the use of wheels the world literally could not move. Buddha is the founder of the Buddhist religion which thrives in many Asian countries, Europe and America. Buddha’s main teachings were the four noble Truths, Nobel eightfold path and nirvana. These teachings are significant in history today because these are applied to our everyday lives. Mauryan Dynasty a powerful empire who created the first large state in India where their major source of revenue was trade and commerce. The Mauryan dynasty unified much of the Indian subcontinent through trunk roads similar to our own road systems. Confucius/Confucianism is the term used for those who participate in Confucious’s thought. Confucianism emphasized the ritualistic roles in bringing out people’s inner humanity. Confucianism is more so a way of life than a religion and focuses on the goodness and best in mankind. Similar to the

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