The Shang &Yin Dynasty

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The Shang Dynasty also known as the Yin Dynasty ran from 1700 B.C to 1027 B.C. Is thought to be erected by a rebel leader who ousted the previous Xia leader. The Shang dynasty is documented for the styles that provide China with its cultural heritage. The Shang dynasty used royal workspaces to produce bronze containers, but also included tools, weapon’s, and instruments. They were also big on hunting, and farming as a profitable methods. The Shang saw bronze as giving the impression of an advanced social standpoint. Bronze was largely used by upper class families, trustworthy associates, and emperors. The Zhou dynasty rained for more than 800 years, and did just as the Shang did oust out the current leader at the time. The Zhou ousted out the Shang. The Zhou had two eras. One being from the 11th century B.C. to 771 B.C., which is known better as the Western Zhou Dynasty. In addition, the other being from 770 B.C. to 221 B.C., which is known as the Eastern Zhou Dynasty at the time. The Zhou had a very big part in helping Chinese’s cultivation which steered to the cultural consistency, and there central government. During the Zhou, the country was alienated into the highest ranking to the lower ranking of the commanding officers. Some saw the peasants as a free man, but other saw them as nothing but slaves. The Qin Dynast had control from 221B.C. to 207 B.C. . . . They helped combine China for the initial time. It is said that the Qin is where China got its name. To be able to protect themselves from malicious people they helped build what is known today as the Great Wall of China. What the Qin lacked in farming they made up for with their military. To put an end to all the disapproval many where silenced by death, uncooperative Confucian academics and burning of their books. There were many projects done by the public to fuse and fortify the imposing law. Not

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