The Reign Of The Mongols

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Who were the Mongols? What accounted for the formation and rapid expansion of the Mongol empire in Eurasia (c. 1200-1400 CE)? Eurasia was an important region of the world in centuries past due to its trade routes and its involvement in the interaction of Eastern and Western cultures. This area became a hotspot for growing empires and the domination of Eurasia was never more apparent than when the Mongols reigned supreme. The empires of the time “showed remarkable resilience, providing a strong focus for the numerous groups under their rule.” (Prof. J. Duindam, Leiden University) The Mongols through excellent military cunning and having one of the greatest leaders in history, allowed them to become a major force in Eurasia. This essay will document the rapid ascent of the Mongolian empire and how they extended their borders into many regions of Eurasia. Like all empires, the Mongols began as a group of tribes and grew from there. There are many possible starting points, but the majority of historians mark the group of tribal factions located around Lake Bajkal as the original Mongols. This community was rife with “cultural exchange and development.” (Mongols Origins. Oestmoen, P.) They were a nomadic society which meant they frequently travelled to different areas around Lake Bajkal and beyond. This nomadic lifestyle allowed them to come into contact with diverse ideologies and cultures due to the geographical area. The group became quite knowledgeable in the customs of both Eastern and Western philosophies which would benefit them in years to come. The tribes were linked by similar religious beliefs but until the advent of Chingis (Genghis) Khan, the Mongols were not truly united. Each tribe had a leader who “fruitlessly defended their land, due to the large disintegration of the many clans.” (E-Mongol, 1999) The catalyst in their meteoric rise to empire
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