Compare and Contrast of Driving

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Winter driving is vastly different from summer driving due to different set of driving skills required. Winter is by far the hardest season for drivers to navigate due to the extreme weather, while summer is the easiest. This essay will compare and contrast winter and summer driving to show that winter is the most difficult. Winter and summer driving are both similar due to the fact that they both need someone to be behind the wheel. The basic decisions are always the same no matter what the season. One must always use signals properly, pay attention to traffic and the other drivers around, and normally concentrate on getting from point a to point b. The things that winter and summer have differently are basically the type of weather conditions they go through. In the summer, there is mostly less rain and snow to make the roadway conditions dangerous. With dry pavements, cars and drivers respond quicker to situations, avoiding accident possibilities. During winter, rain and snow make the roads slick and less tolerant in dangerous situations. Even if a driver is concentrating, winter conditions may cause a vehicle to spin out of control at the smallest touch of the brakes. Weather conditions in the winter can condense roadways very dangerous, needing increased driver skills. They must be more cautious of distance between cars in case one needs to stop quickly. These drivers may also have to cope with frost and condensations on the windows. Both can decrease visibility and reduce driver awareness, while the summer is generally warmer and dryer. The summer roads are less wet and icy than winter roads, letting drivers to escape possible threats much quicker with less reaction time. In contrast, winter driving requires advanced reaction times, greater technical skills, and a higher level of vehicle maintenance for optimal driving conditions. June 19, 2015

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