Should Cars Should Be Banned?

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Essay 1. Whether cars should be banned in all town centres is a complicated issue, and one which many people have strong feelings about. There are some reasons why cars should be banned. Firstly, it would reduce pollution greatly, which is especially important since town centres always consist of tall buildings and narrow spaces which often hold the pollution in one spot. Secondly, with less traffic there would be fewer accidents, and hence society would save money because of reduced medical expenses. Finally, with no cars in town centres there would be no need for large, ugly car parks and parking spaces. This would allow more space for buildings, houses, parks and the movement of buses and people, which could enhance a city greatly. However, there are some reasons why cars should not be banned. *.. In my opinion, cars should be restricted from town centres but only during peak hours. It would be impractical and impossible to ban cars completely because they are such an essential part of modern city living, however the problems of pollution and traffic congestion must be reduced. This solution is not perfect but the best we can do, and infact is done already in some major cities like Melborn in Australia. Essay 2. Cars have been the worlds most efficient way of transport since they have been invented. I assume that this question is considering banning the cars because of the accidents they have been involved in. However, accidents that are car related have been caused by more than 90% by humans, through either fatigue, bad driving skills, drink driving, speeding, or distractions in general. Only 10% of accidents that cars have been involved in are caused by mechanical failures. Therefore, cars should not be banned but more or less people should be banned from driving

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