On Street Parking: A Enemy Of The Pedestrian

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Since urban people are motorized, parking issues are a part of the major conflict for urban planning. On street parking is the easiest way to stop by travelers’ destinations, and it has been considered as the main parking position before the parking structure appeared in the city. On street parking has been frequently used by travelers in cities, central business districts, shopping malls, and residential areas. However, on street parking has contributed a stable connection between drivers and public land uses. Those divers could not recognize harmful and unpleasant effects through on street parking circumstances. It can cause many negative influences to the environment and our societies, such as, public health issues, air pollution, cars congestion and waste spaces. Substituting or removing on street parking will promote our living regions into a harmonious circumstance. As many small city, Chico’s population has been doubled with city sprawl after 1980. That requests more public space for people’s activities. As a historical city, Chico has kept the original buildings and districts in downtown areas. The sidewalk is an important part of central landscape which is the most frequently used by people, so it will directly affect their feeling for staying and having fun in downtown. However, on street parking is an obvious barrier or danger for pedestrians who want to enjoy the opposite of street views. Air pollution, visual pollution and noise pollution are both concerned into on street parking impacts. Otherwise, removal on street parking will increase the demands for more high density parking structures in the future planning. There are only few positive influences for having on street parking, such as it’s easier to park, close to the destination, lower cost parking structures, and providing parking in the peak of demands. On street parking is designed for

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