Why I Prefer Driving My Own Car over Walking Essay

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The people have different reasons to make their own choices when it comes to driving cars or walking on the sidewalks. Some people use cars to save their time, while others prefer walking as a body exercise or lack of car. Time keeping and comfort is my own preference of driving cars over walking. Time keeping, I like to drive car more than walking because the car helps me to keep up on my schedule. When I am going to work in the morning, I just get into my car and hit the road without worrying about being late or anything. I use it in my daily activities. For example, it helps me pick up the kids from school, shopping from the market and going to the short picnics. Therefore it really helps me do a lot that I couldn’t do if I was walking. Comfort, I feel very comfortable when I am driving my own car. I and my friends visit some new places. I can hear very interesting music of my choice. It warms me up during the winter time, when the snow starts to fall. It protects me to get wet during the rainy season. It is really very nice situation to be driving a car than walking. In conclusion, although walking and running helps the people to sweat and stretch their muscles for health purpose. Driving a car is more important because of the different advantages it can have. Car is the first choice I would like to drive when compared to walk or run because it helps me a

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