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M2-Assess the hazards identified in the health and social care setting D1-Make recommendations in relation to identified hazards to minimise the risk to the service group a risk assessment is used to assess the hazards and risks in an environment. They ensure the safety of others as they assess the risks that could harm the individuals. A risk assessment was used to assess Barnes park. Service users have visits to the park and a risk assessment was needed to make sure their safety was in tact. There was a number of hazards in Barnes park that could have put the service users at risk, however some were high risk and some were low risk. Firstly, the lake could cause harm if the service user has a vision impairment as there was not a lot of barriers that could stop someone falling in the lake. There was a lack of fences or signs that would get an individuals attention about standing too close to the edge of the lake. It was rated a 2 as it is a risk but I can be resolved. To remove this risk it would be advised that more fences, signs and shrubs were planted and this would minimise the risk if an individual did get too close then a fence or barrier would stop them from falling in. signs also need to be bigger and also include Braille so that people are being warned about this danger. This should be assessed and checked everyday. The main road can be a risk as it is very busy at certain times of the day. It is a busy main road with many cars passing by, this means that the car park can get crowded. It is important that the vehicle when being dropped off at the park is parked near a path way so that the service users do not have to be near the main road. They must be near a path way so that an incident does not occur The staff should be present with the service users near the main road so they can see the cars around them and stop accidents from happening. This

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