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Nursing Sensitive Indicators


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Nursing Sensitive Indicators


Identifying Issues Using Nursing Sensitive Indicators

Nursing sensitive indicators are key in recognizing problems that interfere with patient care. In this scenario, nursing sensitive indicators may have been utilized to avoid such issues.
Nursing indicators are used in evaluating patient care quality. Multiple issues in this scenario have outcomes which are directly affected by nursing care, thus classifying them as nursing
Mr. J was in restraints in this case. One of the quality indicators developed by the
American Nurses Association is the prevalence of restraints (Cherry and Jacob 2011). It is important for nursing in this case to be aware of the potential outcomes for this patient in regards to restraint use. The staff in this situation can utilize nursing specific indicators to recognize the appropriate interventions that need to take place when a patient is placed in restraints. Recognizing at restraint use is a nursing specific indicator can help the staff in this situation develop an appropriate care plan. Having a set care plan makes it possible to easily identify when care is beginning to deviate from the care plan, resulting in lower quality patient care as well as risking patient safety. Quality indicators should be used to standardize all care for patients in restraints, making it less likely for the staff in this situation to experience issues.
Another important indicator that can be used in this scenario is the prevention and management of pressure ulcers (Montalvo 2007). Nurses play an important role in the prevention of pressure ulcers. By recognizing the incidence of pressure ulcers as a nursing sensitive indicator, nurses can develop and follow skin care plans to aid in prevention. In this situation, if

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