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Compare and Contrast In the story “Papa Who Wakes up Tired” by Sandra Cisneros and the poem “Mother to Son” by Langston Hughes we’re shown how parent-child relationships can change in an instant. In both works, the parent and the child encounter a situation that the child learns from and is, in turn, changed by it. Both the story and the poem convey the universal theme of struggle or hard-ship, but do so in different ways. In both stories that I chose to focus on, there is a parent-child relationship which grows stronger by the situation their family is in. Well, in both works I guess both parents are struggling. In the story the little girl is surprised that her father is crying, but she thinks of him as a big, tough guy that protects her. But in the poem the woman is telling the boy that she struggled in her life and it wasn’t easy, but he can get through it. Their situations appeal to the reader because people do go through this. (Well some people do, at least.) It makes it interesting for people to actually to read because other people can relate to these kind of situations in real life. Children often learn lessons from their parents and this occasionally happens in unexpected ways. Well, the boy in the poem “Mother to Son” realized or at least the woman told him that you have to work hard in life. It isn’t an easy ride to get a job or just live a normal life. But in the story “Papa Who Wakes up Tired” the little girl realized that her father isn’t as strong as she thought. She saw him crying and she was confused because she always thought that he was a big, tough guy who would protect her, but instead he was crying because of his fathers’ death. Their similar because in both works their both going through some type of pain or struggle in their lives. Well, in the story it was accidental that the little girl saw her father crying, but on the

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