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Leaving Home Response Leaving home is an excerpt, which was written magnificently by Laurie Lee. This excerpt has been derived from the book, “as I walked out one midsummer morning”. The story features young man who heads onto an exhilarating journey as he leaves his village and travels towards his destination in Spain. The story emphasizes upon the relationship between his family and his house as his attitude changes as the distance between him and his destination narrows down. The author has made this story very effective as she engages the reader through the use of various literary devices. Not only this, she also conveys the emotions and the change over the long duration time as the young man moves on against his will towards his destination. I will mainly be discussing the idea of his attitude towards his family, his exhausting journey, which he undergoes, and the change of feelings as this extract progresses. Firstly, the author really emphasizes on the weak relationship between the child and with his family. We see a sense of the weak relationship because he doesn’t even take the moment to properly bid farewell to his fellow parents that he has been with for many number of years. This was conveyed through the phrase, “ I looked back again and saw the gold light die behind her.” Not only that, most families will tend to have a discussion or at least exchange a few words through Breakfast while they ate silently. This was conveyed through, “ had stood wordlessly while I had stood wordlessly while I ate it.” The relationship can also be suggested as a weak one because there wasn’t any attempt to stop the protagonist from heading on into his journey. This could possibly because of a massive problem or incident that has caused the protagonist to make such a decision as the atmosphere is set out to be very dull and glum. This is suggested with the phrase, “

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