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Compare and contrast Walking Away and Follower The detailed and emotional poem, “Walking Away ’’ was written by C. Day Lewis who was born in 1904 in Ireland. He decided to share his thoughts on his son becoming more independent. The title “walking away’’ suggests that his son has left him, or turned his back on his father. At the very start of the poem, on the first line it says “It is eighteen years ago almost to the day .’’ This quote suggests that because he remembers it so clearly, that this memory is prominent because it means a lot to him. The poem shows us how much his son Sean is growing up and instead of running over to his dad after the football game he joins his friends and starts “walking away’’ towards his school. Cecil Day Lewis becomes very wary of where Sean went the day he walked off and his descriptions of that day eighteen years later are still very precise and detailed. When Sean didn’t join his dad after the football game C Day Lewis was left shocked and emotional. The quote that supports this statement is when C Day Lewis implies “like a satellite wrenched from its orbit go drifting away.’’ This suggests that the satellite is no longer revolving around its orbit as Sean used to revolve around his father in the way he used to be have such a strong relationship with him and now that has been fading away. When Sean decided not to accommodate his dad after the match a quote was used to describe his hesitant movements. “With the pathos of a half fledged thing set free into the wilderness.’’ This quote shows that Sean didn’t look quite ready to walk away from his father and was referred as a bird not ready to fly his wings. In the next stanza C Day Lewis shares his thoughts on that particular day. This is shown when he implies “like a winged seed loosened from its parents

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