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The book starts at Fisher family moved to Fl Lake Windsor Downs in Tangerine County, Florida. Paul is visually impaired, and legally blind. His family tells Paul it's because he stared into an eclipse, but Paul doesn't remember it at all. After they unpack, Paul goes for a tour in his school, Lake Windsor Middle school. On his first day of school, he meets Coach Walski, a football coach. Paul knows he is a good goalie and tries out for the team. Paul learns that he can't make the team because his mom filled out an IEP (individualized education plan) for him because of his vision impairment. Soon after, while Paul is at his school, a part of the school collapses into a sinkhole. Many try to rescue the people who are trapped and fortunately, no one gets seriously injured. The emergency relocation plan gives the kids the chance to stay or go to Tangerine Middle School (the school on the other, poorer side of the county). Paul chooses to go to Tangerine Middle because he doesn't have an IEP filed there so he can play soccer. At Tangerine middle School, many people are introduced including Tino, Henry D., and Victor. They all are soccer players at the school, except for Theresa. Paul convinces Joey to come to his new school and the soccer and football seasons begin. As the story proceeds, Joey starts to get sick of the new school because none of Paul's new friends like him and he thinks that Paul has changed and become cowardly to all the other people at Tangerine Middle School. Joey finally goes back to Lake Windsor, leaving the Tangerine Middle School soccer team. Throughout the story, houses in Joey's neighborhood have to be put under blue tents and sprayed with poison to kill termites. While under tents, many of these houses are robbed. Luis is also introduced. He is the brother of Theresa and Tino. Luis works at his parent's citrus farm and is working on

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