Crazy Heart Variations Between Film and Story

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“Crazy Heart” Variations in the Film and Story There are two major scenes that have been changed in the book “Crazy Heart”, by Thomas Cobb and in the film version. The last scene of the movie is completely different from where the protagonist Bad Blake leaves off at in the story. Another major scene that has been removed, that I felt was very important to the growth of the character towards the end of the film, was the relationship between Blake and his estranged son. It is obvious for the purpose of pleasing the audience that the writers for the film changed the ending scene. In the book version, the reader leaves with a dark close as Blake is last seen in a ditch in the pouring rain. His truck has broken down and there is a random woman sleeping in his car. In the film, we see Blake walking out of his concert with Jean, after he left her money for her son. I believe that the writers changed Cobb’s ending so that the audience can see that Blake has grown and will continue to grow and learn from his alcoholic past, rather than fall apart from this broken relationship with Jean. The relationship between Bad Blake and his son along with Jeans son also played an important part of the book and film. Jean and her son Buddy become a catalyst for Blake beginning to get his life back on track in the book and in the film version. In the movie, Jean suggests that Blake call his son, but his son does not want a relationship with him. This part of the film was not in the book. In the story, Blake drives to Los Angeles to see his estranged son for the first time in over twenty years, but his son wants nothing to do with him. I feel that the meeting between Jeff Bridges and the actor that played his son should have been shown instead of the phone conversation. I believe that it would have shown more of the depth of the pain and sorrow his character would have been

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