Inferiority: Chris Mccandless

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In our lives, we all have these feelings of inferiority and Alfred Adler has his way of explaining that this phenomenon is a normal human thing. Just by looking at trees and on the way they grow; we can see that competition is also in our human nature and because people tend to compete or even start comparing each other, they may experience these feelings of inferiority whether or not they’re real. Adler also states that an inferiority complex could occur to people who are discouraged and things become black and white. An inferiority complex is usually super individualistic and antisocial. Alfred Adler also explains that once people start having an inferiority complex, a fictional final goal will appear in their head. This fictional final…show more content…
Chris believed that money made people cautious and that we live in a very consumable society. Things weren’t perfect in the family, Chris and his sister didn’t have an easy time and this is one of the sources that developed Chris’s inferiority complex. He didn’t like to be around people, but when he was, he was good at it. At one point, Chris says that he would maybe consider writing a book after his adventure to the wild. Chris loved books and found company in the characters in the books he loved, his favored author was Jack London who also hoboed around the country and returned to school at the age of 19. Mr. London became a writer because he wanted to escape from the horrific prospects of life as a factory worker, just like Chris who doesn’t like the…show more content…
Chris thought that nothing could stop him from achieving his final goal, which was Alaska. Chris often refused money and help; he believed he could do everything on his own. When the glass is full of water, don’t add that one drop that will make the water spill. By analyzing this metaphor, the trip to Alaska; into the wild, is the one drop that spills all the water from Chris’s cup which represents Chris’s life. Chris obviously overcompensated with this trip to the wilderness of Alaska. Because Chris had this strong inferiority complex, he overcompensated it with something that caused him to lose his life. He went too far with his believes, he could of stopped right before Alaska and go home and write about his traveling around the country with no money and explain how he did to survive, but this was not Supertramp style, he went all the way

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